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Interesting cases from cosmetics to real estate and recycling to events

Since Are Agency was founded, we have helped countless clients from very diverse industries.

Will you be our next case?

Cogghe & Co.

A developer of new construction projects that was a new project for Are Agency to build.

Church Chair

A unique mission to convert customers to the religion of Church Chair Building Materials.

Tim Security

This case is securely under lock and key. Do you crack the code for viewing this case?

Harper’s Beauty

Applause from a client was never more breathtaking thanks to those sparkling nails.

Smet Rental

Recycling projects have never been more beautifully mapped, this we applaud at Are Agency.

The Beer Farmer

In collaboration with The Beer Farmer, we put on our wildest shoes.

Auto Natie Group

From selling cars to a new layer of asphalt. A bumpy road that we leveled nicely.


Santa put on interested for Belgium’s coldest festival. You too, right?


An angled outlet? That’s where we lead prospects Around.

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