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The Online Mark: December 2019

December, the last and immediately coziest month of the year. Are Agency also had a lot of nice things under the Christmas tree. This is what our Christmas story looked like:


Sometime this month, a man with an old man’s beard – or that’s how he describes himself anyway – suddenly stepped into the office. We decided to take him on right then. Turned out to be a great designer after all!

Meet Stijn, a designer with an abundance of talent plucked straight from the top drawer.

What we know about Stijn is that he creates top designs for breakfast and gets his inspiration from endless walks with his dog, as well as from people even more talented than him.

We also know that his biggest fear would be the cessation of Haribo frog production. When we asked him afterwards where he sees himself in 5 to 10 years, he replied “alive. So if, like me, you read a bit between the lines here, you know how we will keep Stijn with us.

Curious about Stijn’s works? Then take a look at his digital portfolio here.

PS Did you know that Stijn not only designs beautiful designs, but is also a qualified bicycle technician? So a man of many talents! We are already looking forward to a creative collaboration!


And it doesn’t stop here! We recently said goodbye to Alisson, but we quickly found a worthy replacement: Alexander!

Alexander is currently finishing his studies in “Digital Marketing Communication” at the Artevelde Hogeschool. He is versed in various parts within marketing. For example, he assists us with SEO, SEA, websites, social media advertising, copywriting, email marketing and completes various marketing strategies. So a true creative jack-of-all-trades.

What we still know about Alexander is that he:

✔️ As a swimmer sometimes wins prizes.

✔️ His inspiration comes from Castbox, a popular podcast application.

✔️ Spend countless hours daily on social media looking for the latest news.

Alexander has only been with us for a few weeks, but has already proven his worth within the team on several occasions. How we describe him. →

A true team player, flexible, hands-on and eager to learn! – keep up the good work!

PS This is what he still let us know … do you see a link?

Favorite brand on social media: Simba Service

Favorite emoticon: 🦁


2020 promises to be another exciting year at Are Agency. A new year brings new opportunities. On to new marketing projects, from A to Z! This is how we get the most out of our Agency-client relationship. Simba Service will also get a huge boost.

You will undoubtedly hear more about this next year. With our new design and marketing power, we are already sharper than ever before.

We already wish you a great 2020 with many success stories!