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A bounce rate, what exactly does that mean?

What is a bounce rate?

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on your site and leave without visiting a second page. So this also partly reflects how relevant your content is. Because visitors who “bounce” off your page have no interest in the content that was offered.

What actions lead to a bounce?

The following actions by visitors cause a “bounce.

1. They click back to the previous page.
2. They close the browser.
3. They type in a new URL.
4. They do not interact with the page within a 30-minute session.

What could be the causes of a high bounce rate?

This can have several causes. For example, this could be because your website is malfunctioning or doesn’t inspire much confidence. Poorly designed search engine optimization can also be the cause of this. In fact, the visitors who visited your page had something else from your website/offering, so you are addressing the wrong audience.

If you specifically suffer from a high bounce rate at your homepage, it may well be due to your proposition. Is it immediately clear to the visitor what added value your company provides? Is it immediately clear what is possible on your website? If not, visitors are going to drop out quickly. After all, it doesn’t take more than a blink of an eye for them to be able to tell if your website exudes professionalism and reliability.

Is a high bounce rate always bad?

Fortunately, a high bounce rate does not always mean something bad. There are also plenty of other reasons why it may be a bit higher. This usually depends on the website and the specific page.

Suppose you write a very comprehensive blog on your website about a particular topic. Since this blog is just as comprehensive it offers enough information for readers on the topic he was looking for information on. So once it has gathered all the necessary information, it leaves your website without clicking through to another page. In this situation, the higher bounce rate is easily explained and is not a bad thing because you did offer enough value to your visitor.

How to lower your bounce rate as much as possible?

1. Make sure your website is responsive and cross browser optimized.
2. Make sure you are targeting SEO & SEA to the right audience.
3. Make sure you have a good proposition.
4. Make sure your website and design are up to date.